Minor Rant-Communication….

Male or Female …I don’t care …most of our problems come from lack of honest communication.  I use to tell my son when he started dating.  Don’t be a dork with a remote in your hand who doesn’t listen.  Learn to listen, offer opinions if asked, and follow up to make sure you understood the full meaning of a conversation. 

I further suggested…if you begin this, do not ever give up the procedure until you die.  Consistency in this task is crucial.  I think so many relationships (family, friends, co-workers etc.) fail because we are all in a hurry and don’t stop for a face to face discussion…not text, not email, not we’ll finish later on the run…FACE TO FACE!

Now don’t get me wrong.  There are those in my own family I tried with for 30 years. All I got was rudeness, failure to respond and cold shoulders.  The Universe wants us to love and forgive.  When you know you have done your best, with only good intentions…STOP! It’s OK to love and forgive, but not keep beating your head against a wall, trying with someone who will never care.  Face facts and move on,  wishing them love and light. Others DO NOT GET TO VOTE when you decide enough is enough.  The Karma Cops will do the rest.  

Bottom line communication is key in all aspects of life but no one wants you to be stupid and waste time. The world is too full of beautiful people who will communicate.  Surround yourself with these people and keep the downers at bay.  


The Queen Cronista


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