Diva Musing: 4 Wheeling….

Well the Diva went 4-Wheeling for the first time ever on Saturday.  Why have I never done this before?  It’s not just the majesty of creation and all of nature you see, you get the overwhelming sense of peace that comes with the quiet time in nature.  We spotted no wildlife this trip.  The acorns are falling so the animals are in the wood foraging instead of in the open fields.  

My driver only splashed me with mud twice and even that was fun. I got several specimens of rock for my collection and discovered a new plant not indigenous t this area.  What a treat it was…all of it.  Not many young folks would even take a near 70 year old Diva 4-Wheeling let alone splash and hop over mud and dirt for the full effect.  Hats off to Hoss, my driver.  What fun.  

I haven’t enjoyed nature that way in a long, long time….shame on me!  I’ve tried to copy some of my pictures but the blog won’t let me???  The point being…get out in nature and remove your angst.  It works every time. I’ll try to learn how to get the photos on the cite when the leaves turn and the mountains are alive with rainbows of color.  

I wish you each a trip into nature that heals and calms.  

Namaste, The Queen Cronista.

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