Diva Rambling: What the Eyes See….

What the Eyes See…

Your eyes show what you believe, NOT what you actually see…Your hard drive (brain) is programmed by your thoughts and subconscious. Your eyes let you see what you believe deep down. A simple explanation, for example, is that I’ve always said I am the worst proof reader of my own writing. I know what my mind was thinking and so I can only see what I think I wrote. I believe it is correct, therefore, I miss my mistakes. A paradox indeed.

The eyes are said to be…”the windows to the soul” but they are also physiologically the screen saver of the subconscious. You believe what the eyes see because of how you have programmed your beliefs.

Form follows thought and the thoughts are controlled by how you program your own software (subconscious). If you don’t believe me then I am not right!!! Therefore, you will continue to see things through your eyes believing they are really what reality is reflecting.

Wow! I now believe I have a headache because this thought process is so deep. OUCH!

Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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