Diva Tasting: Homemade Curry Sauce…

Home Made Red Curry Sauce

I love Indian Curry. There is no restaurant in my area to indulge my craving for these wonderful dishes. So we do it ourselves when in a pinch don’t we? How Do You Make Homemade Curry Sauce? Every good curry has something in common: a proper base layer of flavor that is created through rich and fragrant spices. In a medium sauce pot…

My Quick Version is:

One 1 Can Of Organic Coconut Milk,

1 Rounded Teaspoon Red Curry Paste or to taste. (I order this online as there are no ethnic grocers near me. )

Simmer on very low heat until bubbles form at the edges. Stirring often.

My curry begins with onions, fresh garlic, and fresh ginger. Big flavor at the beginning! Because this curry is Indian-inspired, I used the following spices to layer rich flavor into the dish. Begin with ½ Teaspoon add- on one at a time until your desired flavor and heat is reached.



Red Curry Paste

If you wanted to up the spice this dish, you could also add these ground spices:

Garam masala




Once the base is finished, we add diced tomatoes and more coconut milk (if needed) and whisk until smooth. At this point you may be tempted to drink the mixture with a straw! You can improve even more from here….

Some of Our Favorite Curry Add-Ins:






Because I’ve chosen to use coconut milk as the base for this curry, the dish is high in fat, but it also has very few carbs. The fats from coconut milk are the good ones that your body needs. It’s low carb friendly.

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