Diva Ranting: Today’s Standards…

2021 Is it Just Me?

I just had a grandmother here waiting for a student and she was telling me her grandson she is guardian for called the police on her because he got rude and she threatened to box his ears. Said he was in fear of his life because she told him to get off his X box and her refused. Our world is coming to even more “no good” if we cannot any longer discipline our youth.

I’ve never been one to comply with the headmaster, severe beating train of thought. However, my rule was always break the law and I break 2 slaps on the butt to your backside. Rude disobedience has never had a place in any society and never will. Disrespect for elders and authority figures is not on the program unless they are being excessive. However, nowadays it seems frowning at a brat who is willfully mean and disruptive is not OK. Bull CA CA!!! Where does it end? I’ll tell you it all ends in civil disobedience, vandalism and sadly murder and torture for those raised with no sense of civil obedience OR conscience. We are seeing it on the bad news reports daily.

I use to tell my children that if they wanted to whine their way out of school for the day they had to be bleeding from a major orifice. With that understanding they had a very good attendance record in school. There is a very real difference between discipline and abuse. While some may try to stretch the definitions on both sides, we all know what’s right….or use to be right.

I had a child who pushed the edge of the envelope to the maximum. She hated me most of her teenage years. Now she sees the light and only hates my old lady fashion sense. My son, a military veteran of 23 years, was always frustrated by his sisters blatant disobedience and willfulness. His own children are being raised by the old standards. It makes a grandmothers heart warm to see modern day children with a sense of community, right and wrong and patriotism. They are quite lost with their peers who do not seem to be held to the same standards. I’m not judging, just happy that many young couples that I know, are still holding to their forefathers high standards in a world that often seems to have none.

Only time will tell where these recent generations of what I call “Wussies” will bring our global standard to bear? I’ll be long dead before they take over, I can only pray for those of you who will depend on them. To the 20 percent still being raised properly, they will be so outnumbered and their struggles will be immense. However, the Karma Cops are not blind and what goes around will come around. You can go the mat on that.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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