Diva Tasting: A Note…

2022 Search our Site

Don’t forget that we have over 3,000 recipes out there for you to view. Our hope is to keep people from having to buy cookbooks unless you have loads of storage space and are collectors.

We have been entertaining for over 45 years and these are the recipes we use for guests and family alike. Search by key word i.e. beef, pasta, keto, etc.

Our most recent goal now includes fast, efficient and effective meals for the home school mom, who often had to have a quick answer after the day’s academic endeavors and is too tired to write her/his own name. And don’t forget the words of wisdom and advice…from research and our own warped little mind of wisdom. WE occasionally chime in on the world at large and hope we give you good thoughts to ponder.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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