Diva Tasting: Lunch Pita Pockets…

Pita Lunch Pockets


2 Cup Rotisserie Copped Chicken Breast, Chopped

1 Cup Shredded Lettuce

1 Cherry Tomatoes Halved

1 Cup Ranch Dressing

4 Pita Bread Round, Cut In Half

Plastic Spoon for Lunch Box


Step 1 Place meat, lettuce, and vegetables in a resealable plastic bag. Pour Ranch dressing into a small resealable container. Wrap the pita bread in plastic wrap. Pack the chicken mixture, Ranch dressing, and pita bread along with a spoon in a lunch box or bag until lunch time. Pour ranch dressing into resealable bag and shake to coat.

Step 2 Assemble pita pocket by spooning the chicken mixture into each pita half. Serves 4


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