Diva Musing: Day Two, Manifest Destiny…

Manifesting Destiny, aka the power of attraction, You can use this same idea to nurture each day with absolute stealth and satisfaction. Instead of simply thinking about the abundance of things that you have passion for today, Actually focus with deep gratitude for all of the joyful abundance that is already waiting for you in the real world. Know with assurance that you have all of the skill and experience that you need to handle all things in the now. Just know that you have enough are enough. Know that this day and every day will include joy, abundance and resources to do your work in the world. Know that you are always surrounded by love and light and joy. You just need to tap into your spirit and see it. It is like working out, or writing, or cooking, the longer you do it the more it becomes part of your every day reality. Essentially, you are able to create a new reality for yourself. Find out for your self. You have noting to loose and everything to gain.

The good news is, this resource for the ultimate life, is free to everyone. This process is what the Universe intended and for each of us. We were each created with the perfect software and hardware to achieve our intended path. We are responsible for tuning in, meditating and tapping into our spirits self (aka sub conscious self) to find the proper way to walk that path.

Our world is made of up matter and energy and vibration. As a perfect creation of the Universe you vibrate at a specific frequency that the Universe recognizes every moment. You are like a tuning fork that vibrates at only one frequency and no one else in the Universe ever has before or will again. Sometimes our vibration is low because the energy we expel is in the form of hate, self-pity, lack of forgiveness, bitterness, anger. This is the energy that dulls our ability to manifest well. Sometimes our vibration is higher, we feel love, gratitude, joy, humor, good health etc. The vibrations of these energy fields is what opens us to properly manifesting. If you are clinging on the edge of the abyss of negativity today…cancel the thought and let a positive vibrational though pull you out and set you on your righteous path again. It is always your choice!! Every moment of every day. Choose carefully and well. Stay in the light that surrounds you at all times.

Back to my old faithful image of us…we are the wonderful golden threads that make up the beautiful tapestry of the tree of life. All other threads are the background of dark energy that choose to let us shine. Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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