Diva Musing: The Hypocrite…

The True Hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his/her deceit. They are the ones who lie with sincerity and pragmatic/dogmatic belief in his/her own story. “ QTC (Queen Of The Cosmos)

Do you know this person? Most of us know several. They may be in school, the office, a volunteer facility, or even a church or Synagogue. Often they are psychopaths with a large dose of malignant narcissism thrown in their crazy cocktail. They drink it daily, and dare anyone to disagree. Twenty of us could be in a room and see a situation and generally agree in the recall. A Hypocrite will be on the other side of the room, screaming at full volume that we are all wrong, stupid, blind, and a plethora of other adjectives to describe us.

These people want to manipulate every situation to make the situation agree with their warped analysis of the truth. They are aggressive and use lots of “you” phrases….you never listen, you always say the wrong thing, you are just like (your mother, your father, your sister…someone they hate and want you to also). They will degrade the weak into agreeing for the sake of peace.

Know it is not you. These people are embarrassed and frightened by our light, and need for truth and order. It eats at them and makes them worse. It is not you; its them. Don’t fall prey to their passive aggressive manipulation. Smile that light worker smile of yours and walk away. Know that The Karma Cops are on the way to set things right; eventually. They always do. The push back for our actions don’t always appear today, when its happening; good or bad. However, rest assured it always happens…Always! When it does, what one puts out comes back tenfold…good or bad. The light-worker, (YOU), are on track. You have nothing to worry about. The Hypocrite needs to fasten their seat belt, S#$% is about to hit the fan. Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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