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This recent illness has been like a near death experience. It has caused me to look closer at the plight of the aging in our global universe.
I discovered that in my/your/our communities there are those each day who struggle to get out of bed and just breathe. Their needs are numerous. In the US we have alleged agencies to help but I’ve lived here 8 years and never knew of these services. So where is the money going if no one knows about the need and existence of such places? See if you can find these places, how are your tax dollars paying for the information to get out there? Is the money being directed to other than high paying executive jobs and not services? Get information placed at your public libraries, and all government agencies using tax dollars to exist. You may not have a lot of time but making your lawmakers and government agencies do their jobs is easy and our duty.
In my county here is what I found.
Senior Center Info
Cumberland Valley Area Development District
Senior Centers provides a broad range of group/individual activities and services to respond to the needs, interests of older adults and their families in its community.  Senior Centers serve as a “focal point” for all the programs available to older adults within a county.
Services Include:
Congregate Meals – A nutritious noonday hot meal that meets a minimum of one-third of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA).
Home Delivered Meals – A meal delivered to a client’s home one hot or other appropriate meal that meets one-third of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA).
Homemaker – Help for essential shopping, laundry, errands, and meal preparation.
Information and Assistance – Providing current information to a client or individual about available resources and linking them to appropriate community based services to meet their needs.
Outreach /Client Finding – To identify clients in needs of Senior Center services and encourage the use of existing services and benefits.
Transportation – Provide transportation from a person’s home to the doctor, drug store, Senior Center, shopping, etc.
Escort – Provide transportation accompanying and personally assisting a client to obtain a service.
Informational Sessions – Other agencies are invited to make presentations of interest to older adults i.e., Legal Assistance, Health Promotion, Nutrition Education, Ombudsman, and Benefits Counseling.
Social Events – Activities to encourage socialization, Bingo, Table Games, Recreation, Arts, Crafts, Pot Luck Dinners, etc.
Senior Center Locations in Cumberland Valley Area Development District:

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