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2021 Blog Herbal Supplements

When I lived in Phoenix one of my dearest friends was a certified herbologist. While I lived there I looked 15 years younger than I should because I took all the supplements she recommended. When I moved I was not as faithful to my supplement regime. I found I could truly tell a difference.

I’m back studying my needs again now that I am enjoying a happy croneship era. And I’ve found several that are helping a lot. If you don’t have a good herbologist or DR. of Oriental Medicine, may I suggest you consult one and give supplements a try. Everyone is different, few traditional doctors respect that fact. I’ve recently started a new group of teas that are helping me with brain fog, diet cravings, and energy. I’ve only been on them a week.

Love yourself enough to preserve what the Universe has given you. The money spent on supplements is far less that the $1600.00 a month blood thinner my specialist recommended. My health has improved and I haven’t taken one of the prescription drugs given me in over a year. Big Pharma and traditional doctors will poo-poo me for saying this but I’ve found it to be so true for over 31 years now.

Get some alternative healing input. Several Medicals Schools not make alternative medicine studies mandatory for medical school. Do your own research and do yourself a favor. Give it a try. Don’t believe everything you read online find a good local source to get started. Work from there, with discernment and common sense.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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